3 Important Questions That You Should Ask Your Air Conditioning Contractor

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Air Conditioning Contractors

You’ve already done your homework and looked into the background of your air conditioning contractor. It’s obvious that the professional has the training and the positive reputation that you seek. Now is the time to ask some important questions before you select a new system. Here are three examples of what questions to ask your air conditioning contractor in Tucson.

How Much of a Difference Does Insulation and Square Footage Make?

You may be tempted to go with the most powerful unit on the market, but that’s not necessarily the best approach. As the air conditioning contractor in Tucson will explain, the square footage in the home as well as the quality of the insulation will make a difference.

A unit that’s in line with the specifics of your house will provide more benefits in terms of energy consumption. By contrast, a unit that’s too powerful may waste energy, and one that’s too small will wear out faster. Your contractor will check all factors that influence the choice and make a recommendation based on those findings.

Are There Specific System Features That You Would Recommend?

Based on your discussions, the contractor may recommend features like thermostats you can manually program so the settings change throughout the day. You may also want something that can be integrated into the home network with ease. Feel free to explore these and other options. That will make it all the easier to settle on the right unit.

How Can I Get Ready for the Installation?

There are many things that homeowners can do to get ready for the installation date. Making sure an adult is on hand to consult if something comes up is essential. Placing something over the carpeting allows the air conditioning contractor in Tucson area and the rest of the team to move freely in the home without worrying about tracking in a lot of dirt. Making sure the attic stairs are easy to reach is also a big help.

Once you have answers to all your questions, there will be no doubt about which system to choose. Sign the paperwork, arrange the financing, and set a date for the installation. You’ll find that the right system will provide years of reliable service and comfort.

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