Heating Repairs in Harford County, MD Keep Household Residents Warm and Cozy

In slang, having cold feet means to hesitate on following through with action due to anxiety or being unsure. The phrase is probably most commonly used regarding someone feeling very unsure about getting married after committing. When used in standard English, cold foot is an uncomfortable sensation that could result from a need for Heating Repairs in Harford County, MD.

Warming Up Cold Feet

It’s unclear why people started to use the slang phrase “cold feet.” It’s been in use for more than 100 years, though. When it comes to actual cold feet, people might deal with this when trying to keep the thermostat turned down during the winter to save money on heat bills. Wearing warm socks and cozy slippers solves the problem.

That’s not a suitable strategy when the household residents realize Heating Repairs in Harford County, MD are necessary unless the weather is relatively mild and they don’t want to pay for an emergency service call. If the home’s temperature is only going to drop into the lower 60s over the weekend, they may be willing to put up with that until the next business day. On a January evening when outside temperatures are predicted to fall below freezing, however, they’ll want fast service.

Annual Maintenance

When a home has an older furnace, the residents will want to have annual maintenance and inspection done on the system by a contractor such as Maryland Heating & Air. That can help prevent breakdowns over the following year since the technician can replace worn components and make necessary adjustments.

Be Prepared

Also, being prepared for a possible emergency is advisable. The household may benefit from having a space heater, although this device should not be relied on for long-term or frequent use.

While a heating and cooling technician is at the property doing maintenance or repair work, the customers should feel free to ask any questions they have about the system. For instance, they might want to know whether it’s better to leave the thermostat at a consistent temperature all the time or whether they should lower it when everyone leaves for the day.

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