Area Residents Rely on Companies Providing Heating And Cooling Service in Palm Coast FL

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Air Conditioners

Technicians providing heating and cooling service in Palm Coast FL spend most of their time working on the installation, maintenance, and repair of heat pumps. The equipment keeps homes cool in hot weather and warm throughout the winter. People who move to Florida from a northern state may not be familiar with this equipment since gas furnaces are significantly more prevalent in cooler climates where relying on electric heat would be very expensive.

The Regional Climate of Palm Coast

The Palm Coast region has an extreme climate in summer and an enjoyable mild one in winter. Nevertheless, winter temperatures do dip into the chilly range, so area residents want a central heating system for those cold nights. Most residents have some type of central air conditioning in their homes since it can be difficult to adequately cool a house, condo, or even an apartment with a window unit. They rely on technicians providing Heating And Cooling Service in Palm Coast FL to install and repair their central air and heat pump systems and to perform annual tune-ups of the equipment.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer a way to effectively heat and cool a home. In addition, heat pumps use less electricity than central air conditioners, the usual method of cooling homes in states with shorter, milder summers. Although everyone wants to save energy on air conditioning, doing so is substantially more important in a climate that is hot much of the time. In fact, Florida has the third-highest electricity consumption per utility customer, ranking only behind two other hot states: Louisiana and Alabama.

The equipment looks very similar to the central air units former northern dwellers are accustomed to. As they have driven around residential neighborhoods in this area before making the move, they probably assumed those exterior units were simply central air conditioners. That’s especially likely since manufacturers of central air units also produce heat pump equipment, so the brand names are very familiar.

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