3 Most Common Types Emergency Air Conditioner Tune-ups in Fort Myers FL

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units have more moving parts, components, bells, and whistles than you probably know what to do with. This means that the types of problems that can be encountered are astronomical. If you are looking for Emergency Air Conditioner Tune-ups in Fort Myers FL, your unit is on its way to being back up and running.

It is always wise to invest in an experienced professional to help you solve your problems with your air conditioning unit. As mentioned before, air conditioners have many parts and areas, making them potentially difficult for a novice to navigate. Technicians know the common problem areas to check first and how to properly diagnose the problem in your situation, taking less time in the long run.

Air conditioning units can develop issues in any area or with any part. However, there are some repairs that technicians see more often than others. These fall on three major parts: the fan, the compressor, and refrigerant.

The Fan

There are two types of fans in your unit: the evaporator and the condenser. The blades of either of these fans can become bent easier. Their motors or belts can also fail. An air conditioning unit depends on its fan, so correct and effective repairs are necessary for your unit to function properly.

The Compressor

The compressor is an integral part of your unit; it works the hardest while your unit is on, so it has potential to break when you need it the most. While it may sound simple, it is deceptive. There is a lot of wiring involved, as well as a motor, so there can be issues with either of these components. Because refrigerant runs through the device, certified technicians should be the only ones handling it.

The Refrigerant

Leaks are also common in the world of air conditioning. Finding their source is the most difficult part, but because a professional knows the signs of a leak and where they are more likely to occur, you should leave the leaks to them. A prolonged leak can lead to low levels of refrigerant in your system, leading to even more problems, so do not wait!

If you need Emergency Air Conditioner Tune-ups in Fort Myers FL, do not hesitate to call your local professional. They can help you to beat the heat in no time at all! Browse our website today.