The Benefits of Jetting Services in Charleston, SC

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Plumbing

All homeowners or business owners are going to encounter slow or clogged drains and sewers at some point. Materials will get stuck in toilets and drains, and grease, sludge, and other debris can build up in a building’s pipes over time. While there are several methods that can be used to take care of these issues, it’s most likely to time look into Jetting Services in Charleston SC.

Clean The Pipes in an Ecologically Friendly Manner

When pipes are clogged, there is a risk of sewage or other debris possibly coming into contact not only with the worker but also with the building itself. By using Jetting Services in Charleston SC, the cleanout will be much quicker and result in less time and less chance for contaminants to spread.

Spending Money Now Means Saving More Money Later

Even though hydro-jetting may cost a bit more than other methods, in the long run, it will save customers money. Hydro-jetting will clean and clear the entire pipe and, by doing so, eliminating problems from coming up again. Customers should seek a company that has high-velocity machines available.

Get on a Maintenance Plan

A hydro-jetting maintenance schedule is a sure way to avoid future problems. Pipes can be thoroughly cleaned as well as unclogged. It’s even recommended that this is done when people move into a new home or building to ensure all sewer lines and pipes are in good working condition.

Work With a Full-Service Company

Besides having pipes cleaned out, it’s a good idea for customers to find a company that can handle all facets of plumbing. Taking it a step further, if that same company has experience in heating and cooling systems, customers can find someone who can take care of their needs all year long.

Deal With a Local Leader

For over 30 years, Preferred Home Services has been a local leader for complete hydro-jetting, trenchless sewer repair, and HVAC and plumbing services. They offer 24-hour emergency services to take care of those unexpected problems, and all of their technicians are NATE-Certified in addition to being drug tested and having background checks done upon being hired.

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