Reasons Why Annual Maintenance by Professional HVAC Services in Manchester NH Is So Important

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Plumbing

Some homeowners wonder whether the annual furnace inspection and cleaning by one of the HVAC Services in Manchester NH actually is worth it, especially for a newer furnace. The short answer is yes. Annual service is an important preventive and protective strategy for keeping the furnace in excellent working order and extending its lifespan as long as possible.


One aspect concerning new furnaces is the warranty. Warranties do cover the cost of repair work, but they typically require evidence that the system has been professionally maintained as recommended. Homeowners must produce receipts or other documentation showing they had the yearly maintenance completed, or the warranty may be invalidated. If they’ve lost their paperwork, the contractor that maintains the equipment will probably still have records.

Cleaning and Component Replacement

At a minimum, a furnace under 10 years old should be inspected and cleaned every other year. Above that age, it should be maintained at least annually. The best time to schedule yearly maintenance with HVAC Services in Manchester NH is in late summer or in autumn before the furnace starts being used regularly again. Cleaning the interior of the furnace and making any necessary adjustments allows the equipment to work at optimum efficiency, which saves money on heating fuel throughout the upcoming season.

With an older system, the technician may find components that have deteriorated enough that they should be replaced. Doing so promptly reduces the risk of a breakdown on a very cold day.

Other Tasks

What happens during these appointments besides cleaning parts? Technicians analyze the combustion gases to make sure they are safe. They run a test on the blower motor and check wiring for any corrosion. Burners and the heat exchanger must be evaluated. Technicians look for any blockages in the system, from drain hoses to intake grills.

Homeowners who are somewhat handy probably can figure out how to safely vacuum the interior of the furnace with a hose and nozzle, but they probably can’t do most of the other important tasks. Those should be completed by technicians from a company such as Harry W. Wells & Son Inc.