The Importance of Conventional Heaters in Derby KS When Special Needs Children Live in the Home

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A married couple or domestic partners may have the full intention of heating their home with a wood stove and not even using a furnace for backup. This intention will probably go out the window if the couple later has a baby and this new addition is a special needs child with some cognitive challenges. Shopping for heaters in Derby KS becomes an imperative activity, with the goal of having a furnace installed before the little one is old enough to start roaming around the house.

Protection From the Stove

Even babies and toddlers not diagnosed as special needs youngsters need protection from a wood stove. That usually can achieved with child-protective gates around the equipment. The problem for special needs children begins when they are older. Adults can explain to most four-year-olds why they or she must not go near the stove, but that is not always an easy task when the child has cognitive issues.

By this age, children are usually able to get past most protective gates. A special needs youngster may be particularly at risk of injury from a hot wood stove if there is no clear understanding of why the equipment can be dangerous.

The Furnace as a Better Solution

For now, other types of Heaters in Derby KS are safer. A furnace located in a basement or closed closet-style area is an ideal solution. The thermostat should be installed out of the child’s reach. These installations can be completed by a company such as Kelley and Dawson Service.

Another consideration

Another consideration when attempting to raise any little child in a home with only a wood stove for heat is the inconvenience and inconsistency of climate control. Unless someone is home most of the time, there likely will be occasions when the fire burns out while everyone is gone all day.

A parent arrives home with the child in tow, having picked the youngster up from preschool or the sitter’s place, only to discover the temperature in the house has dropped below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If this arrival is at night and close to the child’s bedtime, there will be a significant delay as the adult spends time getting a new fire going.