Having A Central AC Unit Installed In An Older Home

Central air conditioning has become an essential feature for most southern Florida residents, but some homes still do not have this feature. The owners may have lived there for decades and feel that they are entirely accustomed to the heat. Some still rely on one or more window air conditioners, mostly limiting their activities in the home to one story or a few rooms during the hottest days. When someone else buys this house, he or she may wonder whether it’s feasible to have a central AC Unit installed if the building is very old.

Some old houses don’t have ducts, but a company such as AA Temperature Services INC. can install a mini-split system that works with a heat pump. The systems are more common in hot climates, and it’s easier to find technicians who do this type of installation there. In northern realms, owners of old houses without ductwork generally opt for the window air conditioners, since hot days are relatively infrequent. Florida residents may not want to be restricted to having cool air in one part of the home so many days of the year, however.

In homes that do have ductwork, the addition of a central AC Unit is a relatively straightforward process for experienced heating and cooling technicians. The outdoor compressor is set up as close to the furnace as possible and connected to that equipment. The air conditioner uses the same air exchanger, air filter and ventilation pipes as the heating system does. There’s no need to close off any vents and shut doors to those rooms in an effort to save money on electric bills. The system generally runs most efficiently as it was originally designed. If the residents don’t often use part of the house, they might ask the technicians whether it’s possible to change the ductwork, so it doesn’t reach those rooms. For example, there may be a guest suite that is only utilized during fall, winter and spring when family members from up north come to visit. A central air conditioner also can be expected to use less electricity than two or more window units do. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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