Tips to Keep Air Conditioning in Chesterfield MO Working All Summer

A family should be able to depend on their air conditioner to cool their house when it’s hot outside. Preventive maintenance will help a family avoid a lot of problems, but over time, all air conditioners become less efficient and eventually break down. Due to the cost of HVAC equipment, it’s important to keep an air conditioner running for as long as possible. Some of this can be done by the homeowner and some needs to be handled by a professional.

For example, homeowners can extend the life of their Air Conditioning in Chesterfield MO by keeping a clean filter in the unit. Filters range from inexpensive screens to those that are washable and thus, more expensive. Homeowners should also ensure their grates are clean and unobstructed. If furniture, toys or even long window treatments cover the outlets, the air will not be able to flow freely through the ducts.

Fallen leaves and other debris can cause damage to the outdoor unit. Keeping the area around the condenser clear can prevent sticks, leaves, and other debris from damaging the equipment. Taking the time to sweep around the condenser can help a family avoid the cost of a service call to repair their Air Conditioning in Chesterfield MO and possibly significant damage to their equipment.

Working with Courtney’s Heating & Cooling can ensure the air conditioning, as well as the heating equipment, is working properly year round. An annual inspection of each piece of equipment will make sure they are clean and functioning properly prior to the start of the heating or cooling season. If the technician detects any problems during the inspection, they can correct them before the family turns on the unit. This can help prevent a breakdown or an additional service call during the season.

No one wants to sit in a house without air conditioning on one of the hottest days of the year. Contractors tend to be busier on hot days, so it’s important for families that don’t want to suffer in the summer to take steps to keep their system working from the first to the last day of the season.

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