Frequently Asked Questions About AC Cleaning In Omaha, NE

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Nebraska, homeowners who utilize cleaning services for their HVAC systems increase the systems’ longevity. They also reduce energy consumption due to faulty conditions that develop. The following are frequently asked questions about AC Cleaning in Omaha NE to achieve these goals.

Why is it Important to Clean Out Ducts?

About ninety percent of contaminants and allergens found in interior air originate from the ducts. They must be cleaned frequently to eliminate any pollutants that could affect the homeowner. Common contaminants found in the ducts are pet dander or hair, dust, pollen that is tracked into the home, and mold spores. These materials aren’t filtered out of the air with a filter, and they decrease air quality.

Why are Ducts the Best Place for Mold to Grow?

They provide a steady temperature during the operation of the heating or cooling system. They also contain the right amount of moisture needed by mold spores to reproduce. As the spores continue to multiple, the ducts provide them a traveling path to access all parts of the property.

How Does Debris Inside the Unit Affect the Overall System?

The debris prevents the fan from operating and could restrict the movement of its blades. This produces a chain of events that affect the evaporator coil and prevents accurate temperature readings. If the debris continues to accumulate inside the unit, all major components become overheated and draw more energy. These events lead to failure of major components and a complete shutdown of the system.

What are Steps for Preventing Debris Accumulation in These Units?

The property owner could install an air cleaner to capture contaminants outside the unit. They could groom their pets more often to reduce shedding and reduce the distribution of pet dander. Changing the air filter more often also reduces these possible buildups inside the unit.

In Nebraska, homeowners hire contractors to complete seasonal cleaning requirements. These services increase energy efficiency and reduce pollutants inside the property. They also increase the longevity of the air conditioning system. Homeowners who need AC Cleaning in Omaha NE can contact Accurate Heating & Cooling or Browse the website for more details today.