Stay a Step Ahead of the Florida Heat with Air Conditioning Repair in Loughman, FL

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Florida, the summer’s heat and humidity tend to run high. Working in conjunction, they make you sweaty and miserable, leaving you feeling drained. Though sweating is supposed to be the body’s natural method of lowering its internal temperature, this does little to relieve the misery of a steamy 80-degree day. Air conditioning is the one true relief from said discomfort but, if it’s not working right, it won’t offer much of a reprieve.

While any number of things could go wrong with your AC system, one of the most common elements of Air Conditioning Repair in Loughman FL is the compressor. This particular device holds the responsibility of taking in the& nbsp; refrigerant, exposing it to warm, moist air, and sending that air back out again in cooler, drier form. It fulfills its duties via intake and output lines.

A repair technician is trained to determine if your air conditioning issues lie in the compressor itself or one of the components charged with helping it along the way. With automotive compressors, you can easily tell if the compressor has failed once it’s taken off the vehicle. Although the true professionals have expensive state-of-the-art equipment for testing, there’s a simpler and less technical method.
Simply place a cotton ball in both the intake and output openings, and spin the wheel on the compressor. If one of the cotton balls flies out, the compressor is fine. Home AC compressors work in much the same way but on a much larger scale. This is simply an example of how the system works, and taking the compressor off your vehicle or home AC unit isn’t recommended.

Should the compressor get a clean bill of health from your AC repair person’s digital testing devices, the problem could be caused by the lines leading to it. Blockages and leaks are fairly common. Since it’s a mechanical component driven by electricity, damaged power connections may also cause failure. Because of the manner in which the AC functions, too much or too little refrigerant might lead to inadequate cooling as well. Air Conditioning Repair in Loughman FL might also entail cleaning the coils in the outdoor unit.

Your AC unit’s compressor is, essentially, the life force of the entire system. Having the system inspected before an actual breakdown happens could help prevent the need for costly repairs or a middle-of-the-night emergency call. Contact Charles M Watts AC to schedule an inspection or learn more.