Signs that Heat Pumps Need Repairs

Having a heat pump as a source of heat can be ideal for cold climates. They are able to handle virtually any level of cold, but the best part is they can also be used to cool the home during the hotter months. It is important to understand that heat pumps are only as good as the maintenance they receive. If a heat pump starts showing any signs of an issue, it is important to call for repairs right away, or risk experiencing more extensive and expensive issues down the road. The top signs of issues with a heat pump are listed here.

Coils with Ice on Them
When homeowners begin to notice that there is ice forming on the heat pump coil that is operating as the unit’s evaporating coil, it may be an indication that the heating unit is suffering from a problem. One potential cause of this is if the refrigerant has begun to leak. If this is the case, the unit will need repairs to seal the leak and recharge the refrigerant. Another issue is if the coil has become too dirty to provide adequate heat absorption. This is a common problem for heat pumps that do not receive regular maintenance.

Clicking or Grinding Sounds from the Heat Pump Cabinet
If there are strange sounds coming from the cabinet where the heat pump is, this is rarely a good sign. Clicking usually happens if one of the capacitors is about to fail. If there is a grinding sound, the motors have likely lost proper lubrication or gotten dirty. In either case, they will most likely burn out soon. In either situation, it is essential to call a professional for service before the unit fails completely.
Learn more about a heat pump and why maintenance is so important. It is also necessary to call a professional at the first sign of a problem. For a bit of research and information, be sure to check out the website. Doing this will help ensure that the pump receives the service it needs, when it needs it, preventing the problem from getting worse.

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