Tips For Knowing When To Repair Or Replace Carrier Air Conditioners

Certain things may bring the need for AC replacement. While some units simply stop working, in most cases, there are signs to look for. By knowing what to expect customers can prevent many HVAC emergencies and save money. If the air conditioner is over ten years old, the homeowner should consider replacing it before it shows signs of wear. Below, readers will find some trouble signs to look for when determining whether Carrier Air Conditioners should be repaired or replaced.

Rising Energy Bills

Sudden, unexplained increases in energy consumption can point to trouble within the HVAC system. If a homeowner’s utility bill rises without a major temperature change, the unit may be to blame. An aging air conditioner has to labor harder to cool the home, which uses more energy and costs more money.

Energy Costs are Higher Than the Local Average

Another energy bill-related sign can come when a homeowner compares their cooling costs to those of their neighbors. If one discovers that they’re paying a significantly higher amount, and the system is more than ten years old, they should consider calling a contractor for a full replacement.

Multiple Service Calls

Though all Carrier Air Conditioners will eventually wear out, too-frequent repairs are a sign of an aging system. If a homeowner has to make multiple calls to an HVAC service provider, the system may be reaching the end of its lifespan.

Loud, Unusual Noises

All units make some noise, but grinding, squealing, and other odd noises are a cause for concern. Excessively loud noises can be a sign that the system has an air leak, has failing parts, or is having difficulty working at peak efficiency.

Temperature Inconsistencies Throughout the Home

A properly functioning unit should keep the entire home at a constant temperature, and inconsistencies can indicate a need for repairs. When there are cold or warm pockets in the home, it may be due to the HVAC unit being unable to meet the family’s cooling demands. In such cases, replacement is the only real option.

If a homeowner suspects that their air conditioner might need replacing, it’s best to call for service before summer comes. AA Temperature Services has been serving the local area for many years, working with both residential and commercial customers. When one visits website for service, they will be treated with respect and receive the highest quality service. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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