Hire Heating Services in St. Louis, MO for Insulation Help

by | May 6, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

According to various studies, a home can lose 45% of its heat through the ceiling. Additionally, an uninsulated ceiling offers almost no protection from the heat of summer. A properly insulated ceiling can lower a homeowner’s utility bills, and it can make the home a more comfortable place overall. There are two kinds of insulation, and each has its pros and cons. It is important for homeowners to consider the benefits and drawbacks when choosing insulation. Below, customers can learn about their insulation choices and how Heating Services in St. Louis MO can help them make the right decision.
Prep Work

Before a contractor installs insulation in a home’s ceiling, they need to ensure that the ceiling itself can accommodate the additional weight. The HVAC service will look for openings in the ceiling’s finish material, which may indicate that the weight cannot be supported. Homeowners in this situation will need to call a company to strengthen the ceiling so it can hold the extra load.

Ceiling Insulation Types

The two primary types of insulation are loose-fill and batt. Loose-fill insulation is blown or poured into position with special tools and is good for smaller areas. Batt insulation can be bought in strips or a precut roll of rock wool, cellulose, or fiberglass, and it is simple to install.

Choosing the Right Kind of Insulation for a Home

When an HVAC company helps a homeowner choose a ceiling insulation type, the customer should consider the fact blown insulation must be professionally installed, while batt insulation can be a DIY project. However, a homeowner can benefit in either case by hiring Courtney’s Heating & Cooling, as the insulation’s effectiveness depends mainly on the method of installation. An HVAC contractor will determine how much insulation is in the attic because blown insulation absorbs moisture and loses heat resistance with time.

Insulation can keep a home cool in summer and warm during the winter, but only if it is installed correctly. Regardless of the kind of insulation, a homeowner chooses, consulting Heating Services in St. Louis MO beforehand can be helpful as the technician can determine which type of insulation may be best.