A Few Maintenance Tips to Help You Avoid Costly Furnace Repair

You depend on your furnace to keep your home warm when the cold hits. You can help make sure that it stays ready to handle its heating duties by performing a little light maintenance now and then. Doing so will help keep your home warm and avoid costly furnace repair in Ravenswood.

Regular Pilot Light Check

Your pilot light should be a bright blue flame. The blue indicates that your unit is burning gas efficiently, whereas a yellow flame means it’s probably burning inefficiently. With regular inspection, you can make sure that your flame is always blue.

Air Filter Maintenance

Cleaning or changing your filter regularly is an easy and effective way of helping ensure your furnace works great for a long time. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect this simple and inexpensive chore only to have to later pay for expensive furnace repair in Ravenswood.

Observant Ear

By now, you should know what sounds your furnace makes when it’s running normally. When you hear something out of the ordinary, do a little inspection to make sure the sound isn’t a sign of a problem. Not all new sounds signal a problem. If your unit’s performance starts to suffer at the same time a new noise appears, then you likely have an issue.

Regular Cleaning

Regular furnace cleaning is practical, easy, and quick. You’ll want to clean off all dust and dirt found on or around the unit which will help prevent future blockages in your unit. Also, give your furnace enough space to breathe by removing all items within a foot or two of the unit. Without enough airflow, your furnace will not perform at its peak level and could overload.

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