Eliminate Foul Heating Odors With Furnace Cleaning Work in Bellevue WA

by | Sep 9, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

Is there a foul odor whenever the furnace is turned on? This could be the result of a dirty combustion chamber and may require expert Furnace Cleaning Work in Bellevue WA. One reason that this issue occurs is that the furnace is part of an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system and is in constant use. Air moving through the AC allows dirt, dust and other grime to accumulate in spaces such as the combustion chamber and igniting fuel in these areas can cause the debris to burn. The resulting odor can seriously affect the quality of air that the system delivers.

Another area where air quality can be affected is the exhaust system. Poorly functioning exhaust flues can block airflow or worse, affect the amount of heat the appliance provides. In fact, if the flue isn’t properly cleaned, then the appliance could fail or the exhaust could enter the building. Experts in furnace cleaning Work in Bellevue WA can help by examining the pipes and determining how badly they are affected. This is just the first step because the exhaust needs to be cleaned to restore system performance.

In some cases, the pipes may be so damaged that corrosion has set in. Repair of the exhaust pipe typically requires the replacement of damaged pieces so that noxious gases don’t enter the building. Keep in mind that cleaning the system is tough work and will usually require at least one half hour. The longer it has been since the system was cleaned, the more likely it is to need extensive work.

Another area that may require special attention is the air handler. This is the area of the HVAC where the evaporator coil can be found. As the AC creates cool air, it also creates moisture and this moisture can mix with loose dust and debris. The result is gunk that can quickly clog the coil and block the flow of air. Given enough time, this debris could create a blockage that freezes the coil and ruptures one or more of the pipes. A rupture will shut down the AC and could be more expensive to repair than it might seem. An AC operates under pressure and this means that patching any pipes won’t work and a replacement is required. Visit the experts at Website Url for more information about HVAC cleaning. You can also check their BBB ratings for more information.