Why Central Air Conditioning Units Tend to Get More Use When the Dew Point Is High

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Heat N Air Shop

Most residents in the Punta Gorda region have central Air Conditioning Units because summers can be somewhat brutal and because many days throughout other seasons are hot and humid too. A common saying proclaims that it isn’t the heat but the humidity that causes so much discomfort, and that’s true in a sense. 90 degrees may very well be uncomfortable in Arizona, too, but the mugginess of the Florida air makes it feel even worse.

Determining the Dew Point

Meteorologists determine the dew point by using an equation that includes both the temperature and the humidity. The dew point calculation explains why the weather generally feels less humid at a lower temperature even if the humidity is actually higher. The difference is the relative humidity, as the dew point tends to be significantly higher during hot weather. A dew point over 70 is downright claustrophobic for most people, who rely on central Air Conditioning Units to stay comfortable.

Weather websites routinely provide the temperature, humidity and dew point in any given area. People also can use online calculators to figure out the dew point by entering the current temperature and humidity level if they have a thermometer and a hygrometer showing them those two measurements. This is more a matter of curiosity, as they already know whether they feel like the air is too damp. They’re running the air conditioner that was installed by a company like AA Temperature Services, with the website.

Why Is It Called the Dew Point?

Why is this indicator called the dew point? Essentially, it means that if the temperature were reduced to that number, the air could not hold any more water vapor as a gas. The vapor would turn into some form of liquid. This typically appears as fog in the environment when the temperature actually does cool down that much while the humidity is still high.

The concept of the dew point level can help people understand why the outside air still feels so uncomfortable even when the temperature has dropped to a normally comfortable level. People tend to feel a little bewildered as to why the air remains so oppressive, but it’s because there is still such a large amount of water vapor. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.