How to Spot the Early Signs of Furnace Repair in Springfield, MO

Here’s the good news: furnaces don’t stop working overnight. The bad news is that most people think this is what happens because they’ve missed the early signs of furnace problems. Households experiencing the following should prioritize calling for gas furnace repair in Springfield, MO.


An early sign of furnace problems is when the heating system doesn’t complete a heating cycle. One might notice their heater turns on and off every few minutes. While the home’s temperature might not be affected by the short cycling, the furnace is. When furnace short-cycling goes too long, mechanical parts wear down, resulting in repairs and sometimes complete furnace replacement.

Furnace Runs Nonstop

Even on the coldest days, a furnace shouldn’t run nonstop. Yes, it’ll kick on more frequently within an hour, but it shouldn’t keep running for hours. If it does, contact a qualified service technician to diagnose the problem.

Strange Noises

Furnaces make noises upon startup. One might hear the burners ignite if they have a gas-powered furnace. However, if the furnace makes loud rumbling or clanking sounds, turn it off and call for service.

Foul Odors

The first time one turns their furnace on at the start of the season, they might notice a burning smell. This odor happens because the furnace burns off dust and dirt collected inside the unit over the summer. After one or two cycles, the smell should dissipate. If it doesn’t, have the unit serviced.

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