The Need to Maintain an Air Conditioner in Lebanon NJ

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Air Conditioners

With rises in global temperatures, especially during the spring and summer seasons, air conditioning has become a necessity. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to warmer temperatures, and the lack of air conditioning in extreme heat waves can be life-threatening. Residents can take certain measures to ensure air conditioners do not break down when it is inconvenient, and repair technicians are unable to make swift repairs. An air conditioner in Lebanon NJ can be maintained with regular cleanings and checkups. Changing the filter on a monthly basis is also recommended unless the filter has a longer life. Visit us for information on air conditioner repairs.


The age of an air conditioner will determine when it needs to be replaced. Most air conditioners can operate for about fifteen years. Some will need to be replaced sooner while others will run for up to twenty years. Hiring a contractor to perform yearly cleanings and tune-ups can help extend the life of an air conditioner in Lebanon NJ. Check to see how often the furnace filters need to be changed and follow that schedule consistently. Some filters will last up to three months, but the standard is one to two months. Changing out the filter regularly is the first line of defense for an HVAC system. Dirty filters make the HVAC system work harder, which can cause parts to fail sooner.


Inevitably, an air conditioner will need to have a few parts replaced. If the appliance fails, call several vendors to see how fast they can respond. Some vendors offer twenty-four hour, seven days a week service. Although this can be more expensive, restoring air conditioning to home can be critical in extreme temperatures. Opening the windows to a home during less intensive temperatures can help keep a home cool until repairs can be made.

Central air conditioners are considered to be a major appliance and investment. Homeowners and landlords will want to ensure they are doing everything possible to prevent mechanical breakdowns and the need for untimely repairs. Simple preventative measures, such as changing filters and scheduling regular check-ups, can help extend the life of an HVAC system and spot potential problems.