Preventative Maintenance Keeps Air Conditioning Systems in Toledo OH Running

The heat of the summer months makes the need for cool air inside a necessity. It’s important to be able to escape from the high temperature outdoors in order to avoid becoming overheated. Air conditioning systems in Toledo OH should be inspected yearly to ensure that the air inside will be working when it’s needed. A system that is not functioning at its full potential may cost more to operate while struggling to reach the desired temperature.

Signs That Indicate AC Problems

A system that keeps running, but never reaches the thermostat setting may need to be serviced. It could be low on refrigerant, have dirty coils or perhaps it’s another issue entirely. If the system constantly puts out warm air, instead of cool air, the unit may need more refrigerant or it may not be getting adequate air flow. Changing out a dirty air filter may solve the problem. If the system hums it could mean that the unit is freezing up from a possible refrigerant leak. If the AC keeps clicking on and off, the problem could be something major, such as the compressor going out. It’s important to pay attention when something seems out of the ordinary with an AC system, as not attending to issues early on may result in major repairs down the line.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to prevent problems with an AC system is to have it inspected at least once a year. An inspection can catch issues early before they escalate into a costly major repair. An air conditioning systems in Toledo OH technician will check the wiring and electrical connections, clean the outside condensing unit, inspect the coils, fan, and condenser, flush the drains if necessary, check the registers for even air flow, make sure that the thermostat is keeping an accurate temperature, ensure that the refrigerant level is where it needs to be and change out the air filter if it’s dirty.

When an AC system is operating efficiently it will take less time for it to reach the desired temperature. This can add up to big savings. By keeping on top of issues as they develop, the air conditioner will keep running when it’s needed most. For more information regarding AC repairs and maintenance, please click here.

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