What Should Business Owners Know About Cooling Equipment in Farmington CT?

Cooling systems help to remove the excess moisture from the air, while also cooling it. These types of cooling systems are available for residential and commercial needs and they offer a wide range of options. When a business owner is attempting to purchase new Cooling Equipment Farmington CT, they need to be fully aware of their options so they can make the best decision for the needs of their company.

Types of Cooling Systems

When it comes to Cooling Equipment Farmington CT, there are a few different options for business and homeowners to choose from. Understanding these options is important for helping the owner to make the best decision for their cooling needs.

A Once-Through Cooling System uses cool water to pass through the system and absorb heat. The water source could be any type of body of water. This type of cooling system is most popular where there are large areas of water that can be freely used. These systems are used in companies that do not need high levels of cooling and are able to accommodate large equipment. Because the water is discharged back to the original source, this is a sound system for the environment.

With Closed Recirculating Systems, heat is absorbed by the cooling water and transferred to a second coolant. The water is never exposed to the air so very little water loss occurs. Cool air simply rushes over tubes filled with circulating coolant. The heat transfer allows for the cooling of the air.

Open Recirculating Systems are the most commonly used in the industry. An open system uses the same recirculating water over and over again. This type of cooling system is often referred to as an evaporative cooling tower. This system uses a heat exchanger to remove heat from the air through the process of evaporation.

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