Get Professional Help When Designing Home Comfort Systems in Omaha, NE

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Today’s home comfort systems are far more sophisticated than those available in the past. That means older homes that haven’t been updated recently are likely to have heating and cooling systems that are less than ideal for meeting today’s needs. There are a couple of things homeowners are encouraged to consider if their heating and cooling appliances are older.

Clean Indoor Air is Now a Major Issue

Designing Comfort Systems in Omaha NE is an evolving art as well as a science. Homeowners have, for years, been encouraged to seal older, drafty homes to reduce the loss of treated air throughout the year. That movement has been successful, and most homes today are far tighter than they were even a few years ago. However, that’s created another issue: poor indoor air quality. Heating and cooling professionals frequently recommend property owners consider installing filter systems designed to improve a home’s indoor air quality.

Providing Combustion Air for Appliances

Older, less-efficient, gas appliances took their combustion air from the surrounding room. When homes were drafty, there was plenty of air available to replace the air used by appliances using fossil fuels. However, with homes being tighter, negative air pressure is a frequent issue Omaha homeowners must deal with. If it’s a little too hard to open or close exterior doors or if the indoor air feels a little oppressive, it may be time to figure out if some source of replacement air is needed. A heating and cooling expert will happily discuss any air quality or quantity issues and develop a plan to deal with those problems.

System Controls are Moving to Center Stage

The majority of homes still use relatively simple controls for comfort appliances. While that old thermostat may still function, industry experts are enthusiastically encouraging area property owners to look at modern comfort control options. It’s pretty well established that consumers can reduce energy consumption, and costs, by upgrading to digital, programmable thermostat options. Many comfort control systems can now be managed as part of a “smart” home using smartphone technology.

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