What Causes the Most Common Clogs Seen in Homes

Every homeowner has deal with plumbing issues and the most common one is slow drains or drains that are completely backed up because of clogs. There are many things that can cause clogs to form and as plumbers in Waxahachie TX area we have seen it all, including these common culprits:

Hair- while it is true that hair is biodegradable it often accumulates in drains faster than it can break down- especially for people with long hair or in a multi-person home.

Food- pieces of food that get washed down the drain can decompose over time but will often build up quickly and cause clogs as well as terrible odor problems throughout the home.

Grease- while it may seem ok to pour liquid fat and grease down the drain after cooking it will quickly cool and congeal and this can lead to major plumbing concerns.

Trash- foreign material should not be put down any drains or pipes- papers, plastic, foil, dirt, and anything else will quickly damage pipes and cause huge clogging issues.

Rust- over time, iron in the water can cause rusty deposits to form and this can narrow the space inside your pipes and cause drains to slow down or become clogged.

Minerals- in some areas the water may be full of minerals such as calcium and much like rusty buildup these minerals can gather on the inside of the pipes and cause issues.

No homeowner ever wants to deal with plumbing issues whether a big emergency or a common draining issue. There are many things that can cause clogs to form, many caused by the homeowner’s own actions. As plumbers in Waxahachie TX we have seen it all and we have dealt with is all, so give us a call today at Direct Service Air to see what we can do for you!

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