The Simplicity and Effectiveness of Heat Pump Systems in Omaha, NE

As it relates to residential HVAC systems, there are many options that a homeowner has to choose from when they’re building a new home or replacing an old HVAC system. However, one choice that is quite popular for a number of different reasons is Heat Pump Systems in Omaha NE. The usage of a heat pump system has become extremely popular because of the ability a heat pump system has to keep a home comfortable at all times of the year.

How They Work

Heat Pump Systems in Omaha, NE are well known, but not everyone knows how this system actually works. In essence, the system is built on simplicity. When it is cold outside, a heat pump extracts heat from the air, compresses it to make it hotter and distributes this heated air into the home. During warmer times of the year, the process is reversed to allow cold air into the home.

Confounding Conventional Wisdom

How a heat pump works can be a bit of a head-scratcher for some people, but the thing to remember is that even if it is extremely cold outside, there is still inherent heat energy in the air and a heat pump pulls this heat energy out of the air in order to keep the home warm. The same is true when it is warm outside. There is still energy in the air that allows the air to be cooled, and the heat pump magnifies this in order to keep the interior of the home cool.

Reduced Energy Bills

Because of how a heat pump works, it uses less energy which means that when a heat pump system is used to replace an older forced air unit, the energy required by a heat pump system could be less than half of the old system. With how much of an impact the HVAC system can make on a home energy bill, this can dramatically reduce a monthly energy bill and this can save a homeowner significant money.

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