Are Your Air Conditioning Filters Keeping Your Air Good for Your Health?

by | May 11, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Maintaining your AC in perfect order will help you live or work within a satisfying environment. Regularly maintaining, cleaning or perhaps replacing your air conditioning filters will enhance the quality of your AC and reduce the number of repairs required.

Your Air-Conditioning Is Going to Work Long Hours

Your air conditioning will probably be on and run longer than the hours that you drive your vehicle each week. You maintain your vehicle, so it makes common sense to look after your AC so that it works perfectly for you, throughout the year.

Organizing a regular and scheduled maintenance of your air conditioning systems is important because it ensures that your AC is in the best working condition possible and expert eyes may see a problem before it transpires.

Your air conditioning filters must be checked regularly, at least every month, to check their condition. This is one of the few AC tasks that may be conducted by individuals who have the skills and knowledge required.

By asking your regular maintenance technician to show you how to check and remove your filters, you will be able to carry out this task yourself and leave all the rest of the maintenance to your favorite selection of company.

The air conditioning filters require a simple clean and placing back into the unit. Where filters cannot be cleaned sufficiently, they should be replaced by a new filter, so it is a good idea to keep sufficient stock so that the quality of the AC in your property does not reduce significantly.

When the filters become dirty, the efficiency of your AC system will reduce rapidly. This will result in two possibilities; you may choose to increase the power of your AC system so that it works harder to reach the temperatures you require. This will force you to pay a higher bill to your utility provider. Secondly, you may overwork your system which may cause further damage to other parts of your AC, bringing forward the date for repairs and replacement parts.

You should ask your AC provider about the different choices are filters that are available. Some will remove different levels and standards of bacteria from the air. This may be required if some individuals within your property suffer from specific allergies.