The Thermoregulation Benefits of Central Air in HVAC Systems in Davenport FL

Thermoregulation in the body requires the physical system to put forth a certain amount of effort, especially when temperatures are far below or above what is normally considered comfortable. People may not really care much about the physics of the process; instead, they simply know that HVAC systems in Davenport, FL help them feel better on hot and cold days. Yet it becomes obvious how important this is when considering the difficulties people tend to develop when trying to function at peak effectiveness on hot, muggy days.

Research indicates that people generally feel more sluggish in excessively warm temperatures and in high humidity. In addition, thermoregulation and the sleep-regulating mechanism in humans are closely related, so people tend to have more trouble sleeping in these conditions. That also exacerbates the problematic issues that occur during waking hours. Central air conditioning has become almost completely prevalent in work settings, but some Florida residents have still not installed it in their homes. Yet the benefits of HVAC systems in Davenport, FL that include central air are undeniable.

Humidity, like that which characterizes Florida weather, is a factor that makes hot weather even more unbearable for sleeping well. Perspiration is increased, for example. Interestingly, scientists have found that rapid eye movement sleep, known as REM, is diminished during warm, humid weather. REM is the sleep stage when dreaming occurs. The disruption in sleep stages with the reduction in REM sleep makes people feel tired when they wake up. Since the brain appears to require a certain amount of REM sleep for optimum functioning, people may have trouble focusing, and may experience problems with memory and learning the next day.

When people are awake, they can keep themselves cool by drinking cold liquids and eating cold foods. That’s not an effective way to assist with thermoregulation when trying to sleep, of course. Fans help with thermoregulation during both waking and sleeping hours, but most people still prefer to have cool air coming through the registers in the house when exterior temperatures are bothersome. A contractor such as Springer Brothers Air Conditioning is ready to provide an estimate for the project.

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