Signs it is Time for Heating System Repair in Fair Oaks, CA

There is nothing quite as frustrating as having a heating system suddenly stop working in the middle of a cold winter night. While this may be inevitable in some situations, there are typically some warning signs a problem is present. If a homeowner wants to avoid being uncomfortably cold due to a heater failure or malfunction, getting to know the signs of a problem is essential.

The Pilot Light is Yellow

While many modern furnaces don’t use a pilot light ignition system, older units will. If a homeowner notices the pilot light is yellow, it is time to call for Heating System Repair in Fair Oaks CA. In most cases, this color is an indicationĀ there are too many condensates-;such as rust or tar-;present. This can reduce the efficiency of the heating system and may even allow harmful pollutants to entire your home’s air.

Poor Air Quality

When a person looks across the room, they should have a clear view of what’s on the other side. If they begin to notice a haze (indoors), this is an indication of poor air quality. In some situations, fixing this issue is as simple as changing the filter. However, if the haze sticks around, gets worse, or just won’t go away, it is time to call in the professionals for Heating System Repair in Fair Oaks CA.

The Furnace Makes Loud or Unusual Sounds

While all heating systems are going to make some level of noise, they should operate relatively quietly. If a homeowner notices their heater sounds as it is possessed all of the sudden (i.e. loud groans, whining, screeches, etc.), it is time to call for repair. The issue is only going to continue getting worse, potentially causing serious damage to the system.

While heating system repair isn’t necessarily something homeowner’s look forward to, from time to time it is completely necessary. In fact, calling for repair as soon as an issue is noticed is the best way to keep it from getting worse. Contact the staff from Golden Aire Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about when to call for service.

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