Keep That AC or HVAC System Functioning Longer With Complete A/C Maintenance in Rehoboth Beach DE

Comfort appliances such as furnaces, air conditioners and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems can be expensive purchases. However, there is a way to help them last longer, which includes cleaning the appliance and annual maintenance. In fact, A/C Maintenance in Rehoboth Beach De can also improve the efficiency of the system. Maintenance involves a number of steps such as testing the electronics and charging the refrigerant, but cleaning could well be the most beneficial.

Central air conditioners such as those found in an HVAC circulate the treated air by forcing it through the evaporator coil and into a series of air ducts. Unfortunately, filtration systems don’t always catch the dust and debris that enters the appliance. Plus, the AC naturally produces condensation while cooling the building and this can collect on the coil. When dust hits the evaporator coil, it tends to mix with any moisture on it. This combination can result in a blocked coil or reduced cooling capability. Attempting to clean the coil can be an arduous task because they are often difficult to access completely. An expert with A/C Maintenance in Rehoboth Beach DE can eliminate this concern by removing the coil and washing it in an acid bath.

Checking the external condenser on the AC is a must when doing maintenance because a clogged condenser coil can affect the way it functions. Plus, this is usually the area where the refrigerant gets checked. Low refrigerant levels affect the way that the appliance cools, but it could also damage the condenser too. This is due to the refrigerant carrying the lubricant that keeps the condenser running cool. If the level of refrigerant is low, then the compressor system may overheat. Replacing the condenser could turn into a very expensive repair. In fact, if the appliance is rather old when the condenser fails, it may be more cost effective to replace the whole system.

Keep in mind that maintenance is not a random task. Manufacturers have a recommended time for maintenance. Furnaces need to be serviced in the fall or early winter before it is used to reduce the chance of fire. Air conditioners need to be serviced at the end of winter or in the early spring to avoid excessive wear on vital components. Visit the website to learn more about AC maintenance and cleaning.

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