Tips for Avoiding Rainy-Day Discomfort While Waiting for Air Conditioning System Repair in Fair Oaks, CA

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

There have been numerous songs written about rainy days, and while the subject makes for great songwriting, it does little for the HVAC repair industry. While rain is beneficial, it can cause AC service to be postponed. Here, readers can learn why it is not wise to service air conditioning units on rainy days, and they can learn how to stay semi-comfortable while waiting for Air Conditioning System Repair in Fair Oaks CA.

It is Unsafe to Work on AC Units in the Rain

Being hot during the summer can be very uncomfortable and, during the cooling season, the phones ring off the hook as first-time and long-term customers need service for ailing units. While the company wants to help, nature sometimes has other plans. Working on an electrical component during a rainy period can jeopardize the technician’s safety, and it can also cause damage to the system. Read the following sections to learn how to stay cool until the rain stops and work can begin.

Turn the System Off by the Thermostat

It is nonsensical to have a non-functional HVAC system turned on. If the system is left on when it has low refrigerant levels, the unit can freeze up, damaging components and causing delays when the technician arrives. Turn the unit off with the thermostat to avoid all these issues.

Open the Windows and Dress Lightly

The easiest way to cool the home when the AC isn’t working is to open the windows. It creates cross-ventilation, allowing air to circulate freely. If the home has ceiling fans, turn them on, and dress as lightly as possible.

Be Accessible, and Be Patient

Customers should let the contractor know that they will be available when the weather clears so the service call is kept active and the customer doesn’t lose their place in line. The days after a storm will be busy for the company, and customers should be patient when waiting for Air Conditioning System Repair in Fair Oaks CA.

While being without air conditioning during a hot California summer can be comfortable, it can be unwise to call every company in the area only to get the same response with each call. Waiting for service after an outage can be frustrating, but safety comes first for customers and Golden Aire Heating & Air Conditioning personnel.