Conditions That Are Avoided By A Sewer Line Inspection In Charleston, SC

by | Sep 29, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

In South Carolina, homeowners need regular maintenance services for their sewage and water lines. These services prevent possible property damage and health hazards. Local contractors provide a Sewer Line Inspection in Charleston SC to identify these maintenance requirements for homeowners.

Blocked Water Lines

During an inspection, the contractor may discover blocked water lines. These conditions occur due to waste products building up inside the lines and preventing adequate water flow. The best strategy for addressing these conditions is to have the sewage lines cleaned often. HVAC professionals provide services such as hydro-cleaning for these purposes. The service involves the use of high-powered water hoses to force waste products out of the sewage lines.

Waste Backups Inside the Property

When waste backups inside the property, water or sewage line close to the property is clogged. The HVAC professional utilizes repair services to identify the condition causing the clog. They use products to break down the clog and force it through the sewage system. They also examine nearby water lines running to the bathroom. If these lines are broken or damaged, the HVAC professional replaces the water line.

Overflowing Septic Tanks

An overflowing septic tank indicates a clog inside the septic tank. This condition requires the contractor to pump out all waste products from inside the tank. They must clean it out completely to identify the problem. Most cracks and clogs can be repaired quickly. However, if extensive damage exists, the entire septic tank must be replaced.

Waste Water and Products Reaching the Foundation

After a massive waste-related leak, the contractor must inspect the foundation. These conditions could lead to waste products reaching the foundation. If this happens, the contractor must perform waste mitigation to remove these products and restore the foundation.

In South Carolina, faulty sewage lines increase the probability of property damage and adverse health risks. These conditions could lead to waste products leaking around and inside the property. These conditions lead to contamination of ground water and exposure to harmful toxins. Homeowners who need a Sewer Line Inspection in Charleston SC should contact Preferred Home Services to schedule an appointment or more information today.