How to Get the Highest Efficiency from Your Air Conditioning in Sarasota, FL

In the hot summer months, temperatures can rise considerably, leaving lots of people uncomfortable. Most seek the solace of their homes with a hard working Air conditioning in Sarasota FL. It can be nice and cold in the house while others outside are sweating. But many times the air conditioning is taken for granted. It turns on, it cools, and it turns off. There are several things that homeowners can do to ensure that their systems are working at the highest efficiency possible.

Clean Up and Clear Out Around the Unit

Sometimes the AC unit is completely forgotten about until a problem arises. However, it is important to periodically head outside and take a closer look at the unit. If there is debris around it, make sure to clean everything up so that the area is clear. This increases the airflow and prevents problems that often come from dirt and debris that sneak into the filter. It can take just a couple of minutes to clean up but can make a real difference in how the air conditioning in Sarasota FL works and how cool the house will become.

Utilize Fans

Don’t let the air conditioning do all the work. Take advantage of the cool air it produces and keep it circulating around the space with fans. From ceiling fans to floor fans, each one works to keep the cool air moving, ensuring a comfortable environment. Fans don’t need to be going at maximum speed in order to make a difference. In fact, the slowest fan setting can still get the job done.

Check the Thermostat Settings

It can be tempting to turn the air way down in order to create a chill inside the house. But in reality, keeping the house set at a consistent temperature can ensure that the air conditioning works efficiently without putting too much strain on the system. For those that don’t want to waste energy when no one is home, a programmable thermostat is a great investment. This makes it possible to begin cooling the house right before anyone walks through the front door.

In addition to all the things that a homeowner can do to keep the AC working, make sure to set up regular maintenance and repair appointments when needed with Conditioned Air.

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