Using Heater Repair in Sparks When Heat Seems Sparse

by | Mar 29, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

If someone has baseboard heating in their home, and they have noticed the heat is not coming out of the heaters as strongly as it should, they will want to look into having a heater repair in Sparks area to get it working again. When it feels like there is a reduction in heat there are several parts of the heater to check before calling a specialist to help.

First, check to make sure there are no pieces of furniture, draperies, or other large items blocking the air flow path. If there is an obstruction in front of the area where heat emits from, it can cause the room to feel cooler as the heat will not be able to be dispersed properly. Move any items in the way so heat can circulate freely.

Make sure no one had turned the thermostat down. If there is a noticeable decrease in heating temperature, it may be because the controls were tampered with. Check the temperature on the thermostat and adjust as necessary. The damper should also be adjusted so it is in the on position. If it was shut off, heat will stay within the unit rather than be projected throughout the room.

If the heating coils in the baseboard heaters are dirty, they will block the hat from getting out into the room. Unplug the heater and take off the covers and check the coils for excessive debris. There may be dirt and pet fur covering the coils. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove this debris from the coils. If the coil fins appear bent, they may be directing heat into another direction than through the vent. Use a fin comb to straighten them so heat will be directed toward the right area again. If the electrical cord to the baseboard heater appears frayed, call a professional as this is a fire hazard.

After trying the above steps, if the heater still does not work properly, call a service specializing in Heater Repair in Sparks. A professional would evaluate the state of the heater and make any repairs as needed.