When to Change the Air Conditioning in New Haven IN Filter

When it is comes to maintaining the Air Conditioning in New Haven IN system, it is a good idea to leave it to the professionals for tune-ups and annual inspections. However, there is an important job that homeowners can handle on their own between maintenance visits. This is to change the air filter that protects the HVAC system. This rule applies to any type of comfort system that utilizes duct work and forced air, including an air conditioner.

Change the Filter Once Monthly

When it comes to an Air Conditioning in New Haven IN, it is important that the unit is cleaned or changed once monthly. This is true for both heating and cooling season. The fact is, it takes just a month for quite a bit of hair, dirt, dust and debris to come through the return air ducts and create serious clogs in the filter. When this debris continue to accumulate it can become congested, and it can result in quite a few issues for the system. Not only will the home not be as comfortable, but the system will have to work harder, which increases the chances of it breaking or other issues.

Changing the Filter Even if it Doesn’t Look Clogged

Regardless of if the filter appears to be clogged, or not, a homeowner needs to change it monthly. The reason for this is because there are quite a few asthma and allergen triggers that can become stuck in the filter that may not be able to be seen by the eye. These types of contaminants can significantly affect the indoor air quality if they are not removed. For homeowners who are using an HVAC system, they have to put in a new filter each month in order to keep the system working properly.

Take some time to look at the AC system. If it has been a while since the filter was changed, then it is time to take action. More about this can be found by taking some time to Visit the Site. Doing this will help anyone see why keeping the AC system maintained and efficient is such a good idea.

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