Avoid the Cold With a Quality Heating Repair Service in Franklin TN

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Air Conditioners

The winters in Franklin can get pretty cold, and a failing furnace, or radiant heating system can really create a hazard. If the furnace fails during a freezing night, then the whole family could be in danger, especially if the problem is fuel or ignition related. The solution is simple, have an experienced Heating Repair Service in Franklin TN check the system every year. In fact, regular maintenance should be done on a yearly basis for any comfort appliance in the home.

One of the more common appliances for heating a home is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. The furnace in this appliance is practically identical with a standalone furnace with the exception that the built in model may be adapted to fit into the combined cabinet. It functions by creating heat in an air exchanger for distribution throughout the home. There are two types of this furnace. That is, the system comes as a gas burning appliance or one that uses electrical resistance. The main benefit that homeowners enjoy with this type of appliance is the limited requirement for Heating Repair Service in Franklin TN.

A few of the more common areas of failure in a gas based HVAC system include the ignition source, fuel metering and exhaust. An electric system is a bit different because it has no gas flow or ignition system to be concerned with. Electric heaters work by channeling electricity into a coil or heating element. Because the element is made from metals that resist the flow of electrical current, it begins to heat up. The more that current is applied, the more heat is generated. To ensure that any heat is vented from the appliance, there are sensors that detect the temperature in the air exchanger and prevent the fan from turning off until the space is cool enough.

One interesting alternative for those folks looking for something different is the split or ductless appliance. This unit normally sells because of its cooling benefits, but by reversing the system, it is possible to draw heat inside the home in lieu of removing it. The split system works with multiple blowers so that each area can have the settings that the property owner requires. Contact the experts at Springhill Heating & Cooling for more information.