Home Tips: How to Avoid Emergency HVAC Service in Highland Park, IL

The last thing you want is to need emergency HVAC service in Highland Park, IL. Emergency service costs more, and you’re without heating or cooling while waiting for service. Here are some tips to keep your HVAC system running well.

Service It Twice a Year

The best thing you can do for your heating and cooling system is to have it professionally serviced twice a year. Professional tune-ups calibrate the system to run its best and give you peace of mind that you won’t deal with unexpected breakdowns in the dead of winter or the middle of summer. Schedule a tune-up in the fall before you use your heating system and again in the spring to have the air conditioning system checked out.

Change the Filter Monthly

Monthly filter changes keep your HVAC system running efficiently. Dirty, clogged filters make it difficult for the HVAC system to do its job effectively, and it affects your home’s indoor air quality. Replacing the filter once a month is recommended. However, some filters can last longer, upward of 90 days. Check the filter’s recommendations for changing and the HVAC manufacturer’s recommendation for filter replacements.

Schedule Repairs ASAP

Putting off repairs never saves you money and always puts you at risk of needing emergency repairs. Repairing problems right away means you won’t be uncomfortable in your home while waiting for repairs, and you won’t pay extra for emergency service.

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