Enjoy a Cool Environment With Help From Expert Air Conditioning Contractors

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Heating & Air Conditioning

When the air conditioner fails, most buildings get hot fairly quickly. One reason for this is that modern building has better-insulating values. However, this means that heat is quickly trapped with nowhere to go. Air conditioning contractors in Winter Park FL can help by checking the existing AC for faults or replacing a dead system. AC faults occur for a variety of reasons. For instance, the dryer in the AC may clog. The dryer is used to prevent moisture from entering the condenser and is a necessary component for its operation. Besides, it is much cheaper to repair the dryer than it is to replace the condenser.

Another area where the AC can fail is the sensing switches. One function of these switches is to determine when to shut down the condenser and when to start it up again. Cycling the condenser is a critical phase because it helps to keep the unit from freezing. Another area where freezing may be an issue is the evaporator coil. This coil is a major component in the cooling cycle because the compressed refrigerant is pushed through it to collect heat. Because the compressed refrigerant is rather cold, it chills the coil, and this is what is used to cool the building. However, this level of temperature can result in frozen spots if the coil is dirty. Freezing can cause a rupture and the need for the Air conditioning contractors to replace the damaged coil.

In most cases, the worst AC failure occurs when the condenser gives out. This is one of the most expensive parts the air conditioner has, and its failure often means it is time to replace the appliance. One reason for this is the fact that refrigerants have changed, and newer units use a refrigerant that needs higher operating pressures. The most common reason to make the change is cost. The overall price of a new unit may be more reasonable than attempting to repair the existing one. Factor in the savings from a more reliable and efficient system and the change is generally worth the trouble.