Common Cooling Systems Repair Problems

A well air-conditioned home is usually the place to be for everybody. Every minute spent there is cherished. At times, things might take a different turn when the air around the place is extremely hot or cold. Worry less, for a Elign cooling system repair expert will always bring back the happy moments in the home. Some common problems that need repair include:

Failure by the Unit to Cool

The cooling system isn’t just worth it if it is not doing the cooling as expected. The failure might be due to lack of cleaning of the essential parts. In most cases, it is the condenser that is blocked by either leaves or debris. To solve this, first switch off the power, remove the grill and then clean the condenser’s fins using a soft brush. Replace the grill and allow the system to run as usual.

Water Leaks

There is usually a build-up of condensation as the system operates and which has to be removed so that the unit continues working properly. The water accumulates and passes through the plastic pipe to the outside of the unit. In case of a leak, check for any obstruction in this pipe as well as any other damage. There might be a fault in the condensate pipe that might be leading to the inefficiency of the unit. The pipe is cheap to replace and this is the best solution to the problem where it has been occurring from time to time. In other scenarios, the pipe might be disconnected from power supply hence unable to work.

Squealing Motor

The motor sometimes produces squealing sounds when the belt starts experiencing slippages. This mostly comes about when the belt, located between the fan and motor, is loose and stretched with time. The problem can be ended by replacing the belt. The access panel is removed and the bolts loosened until the belt slackens. The new belt is then inserted and the parts put back into place.

To end it all, call in an expert at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling to assess the unit if the problems are persistent. Business Name is a full service company that deals in the installation, repair and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems. It is time you left your cooling systems repair in the hands of experts.

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