Signs One’s HVAC in Park Ridge, Il Is Harming Indoor Air Quality

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Heating Contractor

People spend more time in their homes than ever before, making it essential to keep indoor air quality (IAQ) levels healthy. The best way to ensure the air in the house is safe to breathe is to monitor one’s HVAC in Park Ridge, IL, for the following problems.

Drastic Variations in the Home’s Temperature

Ideally, households shouldn’t notice drastic temperature variations from room to room. The temperature should feel ideal no in all areas of the home. However, if the temperature in one room feels warmer or more humid than another, the problem could be poor humidity control, which creates stagnant air and contribute to mold growth.

Another reason for drastic temperature variations is damaged ductwork. When the ductwork is damaged, it leaks any debris inside it. Ducts can collect pet dander, dust, rodent feces, mold, and other air contaminants.

The House Smells When the Furnace or AC Runs

The air shouldn’t smell foul when operating the heating and cooling system. If unpleasant odors are released, this is a sign that the indoor air handler might have mold growing inside of it. There could also be mold in the ductwork or even a deceased animal, like a small rodent, in the ductwork.

The bottom line is: When the air smells unpleasant, fresh air isn’t being circulated, and IAQ is negatively affected.

Households concerned about how their HVAC in Park Ridge, IL, might affect their IAQ should reach out to the Heatmasters Heating & Cooling professionals now.