How To Get A Cooling System In Ventura County Ready For Winter

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioning makes a substantial difference in everyday life, and it keeps people cool no matter how hot it is outside. To ensure the continued efficiency and safe operation of their units, homeowners should perform seasonal upkeep, especially during the winter. By taking a few simple steps, customers can prepare for winter while increasing a system’s lifespan. Read on to find out how to prepare the home’s Cooling System Ventura County for winter’s chill.

Clean the Unit Before Winter Comes

Before bundling everything in thick insulation in anticipation of winter’s first freeze, it’s important to clean the grime, dirt, and animal droppings that may clog internal parts if left untreated. A seasonal cleaning will keep insects from making the system their winter home, and it will reduce the need for heavy cleaning during spring. Call today to schedule a pre-winter cleaning and inspection.

Protect the Unit From Water

Homeowners shouldn’t let water run through their HVAC units during winter, as it may cause the pipes to crack and freeze. To prevent this from happening, turn the appropriate electrical circuit off. Furthermore, even if a cover is used, it’s still wise to check the unit every few days to remove ice, snow, and water before they get inside.

Insulate the System

Insulating the home’s Cooling System Ventura County may help protect its crucial components from weather-related damage. To begin, the owner should choose a cover that can be put over the unit while allowing about a foot of room on all sides; this prevents moisture from being trapped under the cover. It’s also wise to insulate exposed pipes with foam covers. Consider using duct tape or another fastener to ensure the covers stay on all winter.

Start Getting Ready Now

While many people look forward to winter, the season can be quite tough on a home’s central HVAC unit. Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating has offices in Ventura County, and the company is proud to provide heating and AC services. Call them today to schedule service or visit their website for more details on the company’s products and services.