Top Signs Homeowners Need Immediate Hidden Leak Repair Services

by | May 20, 2021 | Air Conditioning

Some plumbing leaks are glaringly obvious. There might be water seeping from beneath the toilet or a pipe has burst under the kitchen sink. There’s no doubt there’s a need to call for leak repair in St. Louis, but what about the not-so-obvious leaks? These are the leaks that end up costing the most money and damage. Here are some tips for spotting hidden leaks.

Low Water Pressure
Water pressure changes happen when several water-using appliances are being run at once or if there’s fire hydrant testing. However, if none of these circumstances are causing the low water pressure issues, the problem is most likely a leak in the main water line. Call a plumbing service right away to investigate the problem before the water leak gets out of hand.

Higher-than-Normal Water Bills
There are times during the year when water bills are higher, especially in the summer when St. Louis residents are using more water to keep their lawns green or filling kiddie pools. What homeowners want to keep a lookout for on their water bills are sudden spikes in usage with no explanation. A bill that skyrockets from one month to the next is a sign that somewhere in the system is a leak.

Hot Spots on Foundation Floors
Water pipes run under basement and slab foundations and, as they age, they can develop pinhole leaks. These leaks can last for months before they’re noticeable, but one of the first signs of a slab leak is hot spots on the foundation floors. Hot water pipes are more likely to leak than cold water. So, homeowners who suddenly have heated flooring should call a plumber.

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