Avoid the Cold With Superior Heating Repairs and Maintenance in Camp Hill PA

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Getting enough heat in the winter can be a bit expensive, especially when the furnace or another heating system is not functioning correctly. This can usually be remedied with a few quality heating repairs in Camp Hill PA. The latter needs to be done on an annual basis, and most manufacturers recommend that the furnace gets its maintenance before winter begins, so the combustion chamber is thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning and inspecting the furnace is the best way to ensure it functions properly and operates as efficiently as possible.

There is a variety of heating appliances including central heating systems which are basically forced air furnaces or the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems that use this method for the heating aspect of the appliance. Forced air systems work by burning a fuel in a combustion chamber, or with the help of electrical resistance for units that don’t use combustion. This allows for heating the air before it enters the air exchanger and gets distributed throughout the home. Next, a blower will force the air through a series of air ducts until it reaches all other areas of the building. The primary benefit is a consistent temperature throughout the home. Unfortunately, forced air systems require occasional heating repairs in Camp Hill PA when things fail.

An alternative to the forced air system is the split or ductless appliance. This type of appliance is often chosen for its cooling ability and the fact that it doesn’t require air ducts to supply the treated air. However, the fact that the split system is reversible means that it can heat a space as easily as it cools it. This works because the split system functions sort of like a heat pump. That is, the unit can reverse the flow of refrigerant so that the heat is collected from outside space and brought indoors.

For the split system to be effective, it must have multiple blowers installed in various areas of the home. This means that each zone in the building has its own supply of treated air. Of course, this also means that the property owner has a better control over the system and how much energy it consumes. This is handled by maintaining separate temperatures in those rooms that aren’t being used. Contact Thermotech Inc for more information.