A Company Experienced With Heating And Cooling Unit Repair In Bainbridge Island Will Keep Your Comfortable

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Heating & Cooling

No one wants to be too hot or cold when they’re in their home or business. A company’s that’s experienced in Heating And Cooling Unit Repair in Bainbridge Island can keep the internal temperature of a building comfortable all year long. They can repair, install or replace:

Cooling Towers

Water Source Heat Pumps



Radiant Heat

Rooftop Equipment

Geothermal Units

Gas Furnaces


Air Conditioners

And other things such as refrigeration units and air exhaust.

A properly operating heating and cooling system will keep energy costs down. Maintenance agreements can prevent a major breakdown in the future and extend the life of a unit. Factory-trained technicians can perform all of a customer’s service needs from warranty to post-warranty repairs. The Immediate emergency response is available both day and night by a trained technician. A technician will thoroughly explain to the customer what is wrong before they being Heating And Cooling Unit Repair in Bainbridge Island. Any type of heating and cooling system should be thoroughly cleaned, inspected for signs of wear, loose electrical connections and many things that can cause a breakdown.

If a homeowner is interested in having a more environmentally friendly heating and cooling system, they should consider geothermal. A geothermal system uses the relative temperature of the earth, and they use 40-60% less energy than a conventional system. In addition to energy savings, it requires less maintenance than a traditional heating or cooling system. A geothermal system is very small and can be installed in a basement or attic. Hot water in a home or business can dramatically increase energy costs, but with a solar hot water system uses nature to heat the water. A tankless hot water system that is powered by solar will ensure a homeowner has environmentally friendly hot water all year around.

Don’t spend another summer or winter being less than comfortable in your home or office. When you Contact Quality Heating Electrical & AC, you will receive outstanding heating and cooling repairs and service. If your system can’t be repaired, the technician will explain financing options that are sure to meet your needs. Don’t wait until the summer heat is making you miserable to call.