Tips For Extending The Life Of Industrial Air Conditioning System In Lake Charles

If you are commercial or industrial facility owners in the Lake Charles area, you know how important it is to keep your industrial air conditioning system up and running. When it comes to commercial HVAC maintenance, there are several tips that any facilities manager can use to help prevent a system failure that results in extensive downtime for the system.

Top commercial and industrial HVAC companies like Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc., provide facilities managers and in-house maintenance teams with tips and ideas on extending the life of commercial HVAC systems. Some of these may seem like common sense, but they are often overlooked.

Have a Maintenance Contract

Perhaps the easiest way to deal with commercial HVAC maintenance and extending the life of the industrial air conditioning system is to have a contract. Choose a top commercial HVAC service company to complete this annual or semi-annual maintenance on the system.

The age of the system and specific aspects of use can be factored into how often the maintenance should be completed. In choosing a company that is also able to complete all industrial HVAC repairs, technicians can correct potential problems before they result in more significant damage or downtime results in overall cost savings.

Air Vents and Filters

Two of the most basic types of HVAC maintenance tasks can have a big impact on the efficiency of the systems. Always make sure the air vents and intakes on the system are clean and free from debris and blockages. Additionally, check the filters on a regular basis and replace them as needed.

Any type of strange noises, the constant cycling on and off of the system or extended at times with the HVAC system should be checked immediately. Calling in the maintenance or repair service can be instrumental in catching issues before they become serious.

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