Own a Mobile Home? What Can the Local Residential Heating And Air Conditioning Service in Nashua NH Provide

There’s no doubt that the mobile home was a great purchase. One thing that the owner does want to do is install a new heating and cooling system. After confirming that the local residential heating and air conditioning service in Nashua NH does offer systems that are suitable for mobile homes, the work of settling on the best design begins.

Here are some of the ways that the HVAC contractor will help.

Central Air to Work With the Furnace

Many mobile home designs include a furnace but do not come with any type of air conditioner. Instead of investing in window units, why not look into a split central air system? These systems are basically designed to extract the heat from the air indoors and expel it outside. A professional from the local residential heating and air conditioning service in Nashua NH can install the system and make sure it works properly in conjunction with the furnace.

A Packaged System

If the mobile home does not have an indoor furnace, there is the option of checking into what’s known as a packaged system. This type of solution involves the installation of a self-contained unit outside the mobile home. Some designs are compact enough to fit under one end of the home. The installation process is not difficult, and will ensure the indoor temperature is comfortable even during the hottest day of summer.

A Ductless System

If there is no existing duct system, consider the idea of installing a ductless unit. This will include a main unit outside combined with two or more indoor handlers. The handlers can be positioned under windows or any other space that is convenient for the mobile home owner. As long as the handlers are positioned properly, keeping the home at a constant temperature will not be difficult.

There are other options available for heating and cooling a mobile home. Contact us today and arrange for a contractor to visit the home and go over the pros and cons of each option. With a little time and effort, it won’t take long to identify an approach that offers excellent service and comes with the features that the client wants. Click here for more details.

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