Look for These Provisions in the Warranty When Purchasing a New AC Unit

You’ve enjoyed many years of service from your air conditioner, but it’s time to say goodbye. As you look for a suitable replacement, look closely at the features, energy rating and other factors related to performance. At the same time, don’t move forward with an air conditioning installation in Pensacola until you take a good look at the system warranty. Here are some things to look for as you read the terms and conditions.

Coverage for Replacement Parts

If one or more components need replacing while the warranty in effect, how will the expense be handled? Does the warranty cover the parts in full? Perhaps a percentage of the cost is included in the warranty terms. Make sure you know what to expect in the worst-case scenario, and it will be easier to determine if the warranty is a good one.

Choosing the Right Professional for Installation and Repairs

It’s highly likely that a warranty on any air conditioning installation in Pensacola requires that only certified professionals install and provide repairs for the system. If you choose to hire someone who is not properly recognized and certified by the manufacturer, all or at least part of the warranty might become invalid. Check the terms and see how much flexibility you have in selecting professionals.

Damage Due to Typical or Reasonable Use

You may see a provision that mentions something along the lines of what’s known as “typical or reasonable use” of the new system. That means the warranty terms remain in full effect as long as you do not subject the unit to any type of unusual activity. If there are signs that someone tampered with the system or that it was used in a way other than what the manufacturer intended, the warranty might become invalid.

The right air conditioning installation in Pensacola will serve you well for a long time. Make sure you’re happy with every aspect of the deal, up to and including the warranty.

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