Signs it’s Time for Air Conditioner Duct Repairs in Ormond Beach, FL

With summer finally here, air conditioners in Ormond Beach, Florida can be expected to be working overtime. While most homeowners know what to look for when it comes to signs of impending air conditioner malfunction, many of them still underestimate the importance of their ductwork. Some don’t even know what warning signs to look out for when it comes to HVAC duct malfunctions.

Don’t just assume any problem occurring with the AC system’s ability to provide cool air is originating from the cooling unit, itself. Instead, keep an eye out for the following signs that it might be time for Air Conditioner Duct Repairs in Ormond Beach FL, as well.

Poor Airflow

Each vent in the AC system’s ductwork should produce a steady supply of cooled air. If the airflow feels weaker in one particular vent, there may be a problem with the system’s ductwork. Issues like tears, cracks, broken seals, undersized vents, and disconnected ducts may all be to blame but an HVAC contractor can track down the underlying issue.

Uneven Cooling

If some areas of the home are feeling blissfully cool while others are still oppressively hot, chances are the system’s ducts are to blame. Before calling a contractor, take a quick walk around the house to ensure that none of the supply vents are obstructed by furniture or other items. If all of the vents appear to be clear, there’s likely something amiss in the ductwork, itself.

Loud Sounds

Loud, unusual sounds such as humming, banging, and whistling noises can all be signs of trouble. If they occur while the system is in operation they’re most likely a sign of unwanted pressure differences within the ducts. If these sounds occur even when the system is off, there may be household pests living in the home’s duct system.

The Bottom Line

No matter what’s wrong with the air conditioner’s duct system, it will need to be addressed by a professional who has experience with air conditioner duct repairs in Ormond Beach FL. Homeowners who aren’t sure where to call don’t need to waste days looking into companies and getting quotes. Instead, Visit Us online to learn about one local company that residents can trust to provide exceptional service at competitive prices today.

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