Tips for Cutting Your Air Conditioning Energy Bill in Kauai

Every month it seems like the electric bill goes up. You may try to keep your bill down, but sometimes it is hard to do. Air conditioning is one of your biggest expenses in warm weather and here are some tips from your Kauai AC repair experts at Island Comfort for keeping your AC unit healthy and efficient.


Your windows let in light, so you do not have use electricity on lighting, but this can cost you more than you think. When east facing windows are open in the morning and west facing windows get opened in the evening, you can let in a lot of heat. This is a good strategy for heating your home in winter but not for cooling inside during the summer. Try to keep heat from the sun outdoors when you can. This increases your cooling efficiency, and an efficient AC unit does not have to work hard so you may limit AC repair bills in Kauai too.

A Little Warmer Please

Did you know you can save a lot of money on electricity by raising your thermostat setting a few degrees? Many experts advise this strategy because your efficiency may increase as much as 10 percent for every degree you increase the setting. For example, if you change the setting from 72 to 76, you may save 40 percent.

New Wall Thermostats

Do you have a standard wall thermostat for heating and cooling? It may work well, but you can lower energy bills when you ask your AC repair service in Kauai about a programmable thermostat. Here is how it works. If everyone is away on weekdays, program the temperature for 80 during these times. Set the temp for 76 when you are home. This can save you money on utility bills.

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