When You Need an HVAC Professional – and When You Don’t

Hiring professionals for HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance can be costly – but is it necessary? Are there some HVAC tasks you can handle on your own, or should you call in the pros every time something goes wrong? Here, we sort out the DIY jobs from the ones you should leave to the professionals.

Small Jobs – Perfect for the Average Handyman

There are many tasks related to HVAC maintenance and service that are perfectly possible for the average homeowner. If you feel like getting handy every month or so, take on this short list of upkeep tasks:

  • Check and change your air filter. Need a new filter? It’s often as easy as removing the old one and popping a new one into its place. No need for a pro.

  • Check on your thermostat. Making sure your thermostat is responsive and working properly – and turned on, of course – is an easy job anyone can handle on their own.

  • Get things out of the way. If there are things blocking your HVAC system’s airflow, move them out of the way. These obstructions can lessen your system’s efficiency, costing you tons of money in energy bills.

The exception is always as follows: If you feel confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed by any HVAC maintenance or repair task, call in a professional. The money you’ll save trying to do it yourself is minimal; the peace of mind you’ll get out of having it handled by a professional is priceless.

Save Money Elsewhere – When to Call for Help

There are some HVAC tasks that are simply too large or complex for an untrained handyman to tackle alone. When you need to install a new system, replace ductwork or other major jobs, call your Seattle HVAC repair specialists. Industry professionals can make quick work of something that might take you days or even weeks – and can give you a guarantee of getting the job done right!

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