Prompt Heater Service in Port Jefferson, NY

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Heating & Cooling

In many areas of the country, heating is a necessity during the winter months. When temperatures drop outside, homes can become uncomfortable, and even dangerous. Babies and the elderly often have trouble regulating their body temperature. The structure of the home can also suffer. Pipes can freeze and burst when there is not enough warmth from within the home. Heating in the northern states is similar to cooling in the southern states. Professionals know that they must arrive quickly to a home that is suddenly without heat.

Make the Call

In order to keep your family safe, it is important to call a service provider immediately after your heater goes out. Most times it is something simple to repair, however, anything that uses gas or electricity should be checked immediately for leaks or fire hazards. You should expect for your company to have an emergency protocol for heater service in Port Jefferson, NY. There is usually an after hours phone number where a message can be given. Explain the situation in detail when you get a return call. It can save time if a technician has an idea of what to look for. They may also be able to bring the correct repair parts with them to supply the heater service.

While You Wait

If you live in an extremely cold geographical area, you may need to take some precautions while you wait for your repair technician to arrive. Small children and elderly individuals may need to be tended to first. Make sure everyone has on adequate layers of clothing. Hats and socks are extremely helpful for maintaining body heat. You can also gather the family together in front of a fireplace. Pile on the blankets while you watch a little television if you are still feeling cold. When your heater service technician arrives, explain the symptoms as best as you can.

Service calls for heating repair must be taken care of immediately. A home without heat could cause health complications for some people. Call as soon as you realize that there is a problem so that the process can be started. While waiting for your repair, take measures to keep the family warm. Consolidated Fuel is on call and ready to help.