Signs It’s Time For Furnace Repair in Appleton, WI

Those that have maintenance performed on their furnaces can typically expect them to last approximately 20 years. So, if the system is relatively new, a replacement isn’t always necessary. There are times when Furnace Repair in Appleton WI will be a solution to keep the system running smoothly. Bob’s Quality Heating and Cooling offers some tips on the warning signs to look for to know it is time to call for repairs.

Energy Bills Increasing

Those noticing their utility bills are increasing may have a system that is on the fritz. When a furnace isn’t working properly, it isn’t able to heat a home efficiently. it takes more effort to circulate hot air which uses more electricity. This is a waste and can add up over time.

Strange Noises

If suddenly there is a popping or rattling sound coming from the furnace, it is an indication of a problem. A furnace should work in the background without creating any overbearing sounds. If there are sounds that are high pitched or squealing, there is a good chance the blower motor belt or other components of the blower are not working properly. They could need lubricating or repairs. Any unusual sounds are a clear sign it is time to call for Furnace Repair in Appleton WI.

Odd Odors

When residents start to notice the smell of gas or other odors, this is another sign something is wrong with the furnace. Also, keep in mind that burning smells could be a symptom of ventilation problem or filters that need changing. Moldy and musty smells need to be looked into as soon as possible too. Anytime there is a gas odor, turn the system off and call for repair immediately.

Home isn’t Comfortable

When certain areas of the home are cold all of the time, even when the furnace is running, there could be something going on with the ductwork. The unit is probably cycling on and off frequently. This is because it is trying to adjust the temperature, but unsuccessfully.

When furnace repair is needed, look to the experienced technicians and Contact Bob’s Quality Heating And Cooling. Their team can handle all of your heating and AC maintenance and repair needs. They have been providing exceptional service since 1978 and offer special discounts on a range of services to keep their customers smiling.

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